Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yankee "Doodle" Dandy

I am going to be teaching a doodling class at K2 on July 14th. We are going to be using The Crafters Workshop doodling templates, assorted pens and making two fun LO's. I will be posting a couple more examples next week!!


Dream, Design, Create


Some LO's

(this was a challenge from Ali E.- she said to use the #20, so I did a LO with product from 20 different manufactures)

(Sean and Riley on the top of a 12' ladder)

(love this picture of me and my sister-in-law Lori taken on the eve of her wedding night)

(Riley got these sunglasses and would not take them off, even to eat dinner- it was too funny!)

(i took this photo of a starfish on my last trip to AMI...I love it)


Dream, Design, Create


Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm Back!

(this is a typical family shot- Sean and I looking one way and Riley the other-LOL!)
(cool shot of the wales...)
(this is a great shot of Sean and Riley)

(the Budweiser cart- pulled by 8 clydesdales)

Life has been so busy... Sean and I took Riley to Sea World for 2 days, then to Tampa to see Go Diego Go at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center for his birthday. (Yeah, what a birthday for a 3 year old, huh) We had so much fun! I have so much to check back often :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bath Time

Ok, I know I am partial but is he the cutest or what!!!
I have been soooo busy that I have not had much time to "play" with my new camera...I did get to take these the other night while Brody had fun in the tub.

A very cool site...

For all you music lovers out there.

Have you found this cool site called Pandora Radio ??? You can have as many different "stations" as you want. You program it to play certain music ie: Sarah McLachlin on each station and it will play the artist you asked for as well as artists from the same genre. But best of all its FREE!
Just a bit of fun info.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

...First. I would like to say "Happy Father's Day" to my own Daddy. Thanks Dad for always being my hero and my "cheerleader". You have always been the best example of what a Godly man and father should be. I love you.
...Second. "Happy Father's Day" to my dear husband Sean. You are the best Daddy to Riley and Brody. You are so involved in our family. With you owning your own business you are around so much more than I would have thought possible. I thank God our boys will look up to you as an example of a good man. I love you.
...Third. "Happy Father's Day" to my father-in-law Pat. I hope you know what a good son you have raised and I thank you. You have instilled in him a great work ethic, strong values and morals. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful FIL. I love you.
...Fourth. "Happy Father's Day" to my Grandpa Reno. You will be the only one that I will not be able to see today and that makes me sad. I know you will be celebrating with family in Wisconsin... but it's not the same as having you here. I love you.

Love, Nikki

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Retail Therapy

I have to tell you there is nothing like walking into your favorite store (The Loft) for the first time since having Brody and they are having a huge sale... Can I just tell you, I got 2 pair of jeans for 30.00. And I got 2 dresses, one I have been eyeing for a while but refused to buy till I was back in my pre-baby size, and another dress that was just too cute to pass up. I also found two cute tops. What a successful shopping day!
Now I am looking forward to date night even more...there is something to be said about a new outfit and how it makes you feel!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Over and Out.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Does your blog need some changes? Do you need a new banner??? Does your sidebar need updating? Today is the day to do it.
I updated my sidebar. I added a category for my K2 blogger buddies...i hope I didn't miss anyone.
I also added some more links under digital! If you are a digi scrapper or just getting into it, you have got to check out these sites...some are blogs others are online digi sites.


PS Jessi your RAK is at the store...Cathy and Patricia give me till Monday and I promise I will get yours to the store as well.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I was chosen as a finalist

...for the Frances Meyer Design Team. We were sent some Frances Meyer papers and embellishments and they wanted us to submit 2 of the following: a 12x12 LO, a card, an altered item, a home decor piece.
These are what I submitted: my LO

My altered item:
The items that I posted earlier this week are the other items I made, but ended up choosing the above two. TFL.

Dream, Design, Create


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a picture from my new camera


A couple items...

The first is a cigar box I made for Andrew (Jocie's son) to take with them on their African vacation. What little boy doesn't want a place to put all the cool stuff he collects??
The second is a frame made from a MDF board, a piece of plexi glass, some screws, washers and bolts. I have made a couple other things, but not sure if I can post them yet. All the supplies I used are Frances Meyer.
Dream, Design, Create

This weeks challenge winner is...

Jessi!!! Look at this beautiful LO... the fabric is the actual hat her sweet baby wore home from the hospital. (I will definately have to scraplift this idea-thanks Jessi)

PS check out her blog she did another LO with fabric as well

This beautiful LO was done by Patricia...(cool idea with the stamp, will have to try that!)

And then you have this LO done by Cathy I love the idea of adding a piece of your child's blanket to a LO!! Check out her blog too..she just took some super cool photos for a class she is taking.

Even though I named Jessi the winner, I am going to have a little something for all of you. I will drop it off at the store by the end of the week. Thanks for all the great inspiration ladies.

Love you guys for participating.

Dream, Design and keep Creating


Monday, June 11, 2007

Lists, Lists, and more Lists

Last week I talked about the efficiency of making lists, so today I decided to write out my list of things I needed to do this week. I challenge you to write out a list of what you have to/want to accomplish this week. If you have a blog, post it! Leave me a comment with a link to your blog, I would love to see it! Ok, here is mine:

To Do:

-post a blog challenge on ScrapGalaxy Mon, Wed and Friday

-write a post each day this week for K2's blog

-write a post on my blog each day this week

-sewing class (monday 10-1)

-gym (M,W,F 5:30am)

-run (T, Th, S 5:30am)

-mommy and me craft Thursday 10-11:30

-shots for Brody and 6 mo check up

-teach Father's Day exploding Box class at K2 thurday night at 6:30

-dinner at Elena's tuesday night

-tuesday morning drop Riley off at PopPops

-wednesday pick up Gavin for the morning to play with Riley

-thurday drop Riley off to play with Gavin for the morning

-sat evening date night with Sean

-buy present for Kayla's 2nd birthday


-grocery shopping

-get May pictures developed

-PLAY with my kids and my new camera

-scrapbook (complete my LO's for K2 this month)

-submit my work to MF for the last step of the DT submission

-put away this huge pile of "stuff" that has accumulated in my dining room

-clean out and reorganize knife and kitchen acessory drawers

-call Valerie at Dr Hamads to reschedule appt

-call Julie W. to tell her how much I loved her new book

-find a more organized way to write down blog challenge ideas

-get together RAK from last weeks fabric challenge and drop if off at K2



Well, here is my list so far...I am sure that I will be adding more throughout the week (that is why I left blank spaces).

Sunday, June 10, 2007

*K2 Fabric Challenge Update*

Ok, who did the fabric challenge???
I have a cool RAK (a cool sewing basket filled with fabric swatches and strips) for the winner!!!
Leave a comment here on this post or original challenge post so I can look at the LO's and pick the winner.
Get have till midnight tonight!
Dream, Design, Create
PS if no one submits tonight, I will extend it one more week.

WooHoo my new camera!

I am so excited. I got my new (to me) digital SLR camera yesterday.
I was down at Wolff Camera in Venice last week talking to Mike (who has been there for 7 years and is a WEALTH of information.) and was telling him what I wanted. Well, the more we talked the more I realized it is ALL ABOUT THE LENS!!!!
He explained that for what I wanted to spend, I was better off getting a good (canon or nikon) middle of the line (meaning a 6 or 7 megapixel) camera body and then spend a considerable amount of money on a good lens. I agreed.
This is what I got:
-a Canon EOS D60 digital camera body
-a manual 70-210mm lens (he gave this to me so I could take picts until I got a good lens)
-a battery grip (which is something my professional photographer friend told me to look for cause it holds 2 batteries and you will not have to change them till you have shot 2000 picts, and she told me it is great to add weight to your camera when you are shooting without a flash, you keep the camera steady!)
-2 lithium batteries
-a remote control
-a dual battery charger as well as an AC adapter allowing me to plug my camera in so I can use it without batteries!
-AV/USB cords
-an off camera shoe cord (allowing me to connect a seperate flash)
-an off camera flash holder (that attaches to the camera)
-a memory card
-as many filters as I want (he told me that the ones I have to have now are the UV and the spolarized filter, but if I wanted to play around with some others I could)
I got all of this for 500.00 dollars!!!
The accesories alone would have cost me more than that.
I feel so blessed that I got this deal.
Then I found the amazing lens I wanted. It is a Tamron 90mm, f 2.8, macro lens (new this is a 800.00 lens) I got it used for 299.00 on B&H photo. Mike who also sold me the camera told me about this great deal. He said that he has this lens and that of all the lens' he own this is his favorite. I should be getting this on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.
I will post some pictures as soon as I get my lens!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Guest Blogger

I was asked by Karen (one of the owners and blogger for K2 Scrapbook Studio) to blog for the store while she went on vacation for a week. Of course I said yes! Well to be honest it is a little nerve's like writing in someone elses diary!
I am mainly going to be blogging about what is going on with the store, new products...etc and a little about me.

So for the next week you will either find me here or at .
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Friday, June 08, 2007

What kind of camera do you have??

...currently I have an Olympus C-60 digital point and shoot.
I have been pretty pleased with the photos I have been able to get.
Almost all the photos on my LO's the last year and a half have been taken with that camera.
I also have a Nikon 35mm film camera which I love.

I know the type of shots I really want and just can't seem to get them... which is very frustrating.
After talking with a photographer and looking through her camera I realized that it is all about the lens you that is why I am upgrading to a digital SLR. I am getting a good quality digital camera body (a used one) and a really good lens. Everyone I know says spend your money on the lens!
I will let you know what I end up with. (I have a deal in the works with Mike at Wolff Camera)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Monday Bloggers

I am starting a monday blog challenge. Sometimes we are all at a loss at what to blog about. What is going to be special to me in years to come is the everyday things that could be easily forgotten. Today I challenge you to write about the everyday what is your typical Monday schedule. Here's mine:
4:55am get up
5:30 am gym
6:45am arrive home and shower (Sean usually has made the coffee, fed the dogs and Riley has gotten up)
7:00am feed Riley, make bed, clean kitchen, and prepare Brody's bottle and cereal, eat breakfast (and this morning I am blogging)
7:30 am feed Brody bottle and rice cereal
8:00am make Riley's lunch (if we are going somewhere), finish straightening house, let the dogs out again
8:15am leave the house to go visit Bubbles (Grandma) and PatPat (Grandpa).
11:00am lunch for Riley, Brody (bottle and vegetable) and me
1:00pm naps for both Riley and Brody (this is my time to do what I want)
3:00pm feed Brody bottle and cereal and Riley gets up from nap
3:30pm play with Riley and Brody, Sean gets home from work
5:30pm Dinner time
6:15pm feed Brody a bottle and put him to bed for the night, Riley takes a bath
7:00pm read to Riley
7:30pm Riley goes to bed (unless he is fishing with his Daddy)
8:00pm alone with Sean at last!!!!

That is a typical day around here.
I would love to hear about your day.
Leave me a comment with a link to your blog and I will check it out. (**For all the ScrapGalaxy girls doing this, just leave a comment in the forum and I will check your blogs**)

Dream, Design, Create

Weekly K2 Challenge

All right girls.
The challenge this week is to use fabric on a LO.
My favorite resources for free fabric is my local wallpaper/design store.You can also find some fun fabrics at Joanne's, Walmart and my new favorite store "Sew Worth It" (the most fantastic fabric store in all of Sarasota- Located in the Clark/Honore shopping center)
Here are three recent LO's I did that include fabric:
I am going to be giving a RAK to the challenge winner this week- a bunch of different fabric swatches, remnants, some torn strips of fabric... here are a few of the fabric strips you will be receiving.

Dream, Design, Create


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Well, I have to say...

...i am a bit excited!!!!
I was chosen to be on the Design Team for Scrap Galaxy!
Scrap Galaxy ( ) is a resource web site for scrapbookers.
You will find a forum, an inspiration gallery, free tutorials, contests, product reviews and much more.
Come check it out!! Don't forget my user name is everydayelegance.
Dream, Design, Create

PS I will be doing a weekly blog challenge and a quote of the day on Monday's.