Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zipline and Pinata (brthday celebration cont)

After cookie decorating, marshmallow shooter making, ziplining, breaking open the pinata, the kids all came in and had Star Wars shaped grilled cheese sandwiches...then my mom, Sean and I took all the kids to the movie Cars 2. It was a long day, but it was a blast! We love you Riley. Happy Birthday my boy!

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Cookie Decorating

One of the things we had planned for Riley's birthday party was decorating Star Wars cookies. We had lots left over so later that night Charlotte and Brody and I had so much fun making our own creations.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Riley's 7th Birthday Weekend Celebration

Riley learning he was going on a scavenger hunt to find money that Nanna and PopPop hid all over their house and outside.

Our family celebration.
Riley's cookie take home bags for his party.
All the yummy food for the party.
Riley, Cooper, Neveah, Sophia, Noah and Sabre each made a customized marshmallow shooter to take home. Before they could take them home they had to go out back and take target practice shooting at all the Star Wars bad guys.
To be continued...

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Riley and Brody

I created these in photoshop using a template that I got from They were the final "special" touch I made for the boys room.

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The boys bedroom redo

I found these ugly brass headboard on Craigs List and spray painted them black.
I finally got all their artwork framed as well as some of their favorite posters,
Brody and I found some pirate decals that I let him decorate his wall with.
The 2 frames above the dresser personalizing their side of the room.
The boys were done with the bunk beds and to be honest so was I. It was nearly impossible to properly say goodnight to the boys each night without killing yourself climbing up to the top bunk or bending over so low for the bottom bunk. I went on a search for 2 metal headboards and found them on Craig's List, then I finally hung all their artwork above the rail and hung the posters below. I ended up using the bed risers so we could put rolling drawers underneath holding each of their favorite toys. I painted the wood letters and hung their names above their beds too. I think we are all much happier with the transformation.

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