Thursday, August 28, 2008

School Time already??

Of course, Riley doesn't want to smile for mommy!

He was right at home the first day...he loves building with blocks

Wow, school is starting already...where did the summer go? We decided to send Riley to VPK this year, and we are very happy about this decision...Riley included. We found a great school...that is set up like a real classroom. It is very structured, but the kids have lots of fun too! We are excited to see what this year will bring for Riley!

Pool time...

We went over to Sean's mom and dad's house for a cool dip in the pool... the boy's (including Sean) had so much fun. Riley is swimming like a little fish now, and Brody likes to hang out around the pool and play with his toys. Not sure if you can see in the picture of Brody close up...but he took a nose dive into a corner of a plastic bin. We thought for sure he broke his nose...but since he is still so young he didn't! Hope everyone had a great summer.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The reason...

The reason for my lack of blogging is because I have not been feeling very well. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I was pregnant (yes, I said pregnant and yes it was a very fun suprise). And I will tell you right now that blogging is not on the top of my list when I feel like Iv'e been run over by a Mac truck. You forget so quickly how exhausted you feel. I have needed a nap every afternoon when Brody naps...
I have never been one to wait till I was out of my first trimester to tell people our matter what happens. I went to the doctor today because I was totally freaking out that something had happened and I was blessed with seeing a strong heartbeat and the little baby growing inside me.
You will have to forgive me, if over the next couple of weeks I don't blog too much...but now you understand.

I do have to make a shout out to all the ladies that came out and took my 20 layout class a couple of Saturday's ago. Thanks so much for taking the class...I am planning on teaching it again in February with a holiday theme to start digging out all those photos of holiday parties, Christmas eve and morning picts that you have never known what to do with and we will spend the day getting all of your holiday photos of yesteryear scrapped!! Oh, and Patty the picts for the K2 blog are great!