Sunday, January 22, 2012

some ramblings on...

i spent the better part of yesterday updating my blog.

i know that going back four months and backdating all my blog post is cheating...BUT
last year i started getting my blog printed. I get an entire year printed into a book, using the online co sharedbook. i didnt want to print out 2011 and it end in i thought i better play catch up.

i wanted to at least finish out the year 2011 and see if i was still motivated to blog in 2012.

i have changed a lot in the last year when it comes to blogging and scrapbooking. i no longer have a desire to do either the way i used to.

i am all about simplifying my process.

with blogging, i am all about telling my story with pictures and not so many words.

with scrapbooking, i started using Becky Higgins Project Life in 2010 and loved it...but i also scrapped my usual way right along side of that and ended up with TOO MANY ALBUMS. since i am trying to simplify, i had to choose one way or the other.

in 2011 i created my own simplified scrapping where i used 12x12 layouts as the monthly dividers and then used all diff size page protectors throughout the month...but i still ended up with 2 fully packed albums!

for 2012 i ordered the Project Life Turquoise kit as well as all Design A page protectors. I am hoping to keep it to one album but think that for my family of five that will be impossible with all the ephemera coming home and being collected by three little ones. i am fine with 2 albums as long as it tell the story of us.

my goal for this year in my scrapbooking is to stay up to date through the year...i tend to journal so much more when i do favorite pages of my scrapbooks are the ones with my handwriting on them (or typed out on my old vintage typewriter) i just re discovered.

hope to be around here more in 2012...guess we will have to see.