Thursday, August 28, 2008

School Time already??

Of course, Riley doesn't want to smile for mommy!

He was right at home the first day...he loves building with blocks

Wow, school is starting already...where did the summer go? We decided to send Riley to VPK this year, and we are very happy about this decision...Riley included. We found a great school...that is set up like a real classroom. It is very structured, but the kids have lots of fun too! We are excited to see what this year will bring for Riley!


Cathy Chung said...

Oh my goodness, he looks so mature in those photos. Can you believe that this is the last year before kindergarten? What school are you sending him too?

Glad to see you are back to blogging. I missed your posts.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see you are blogging again! Did I force you to get back in the saddle? Thanks for posting today for was perfect! I love you and thank god to have you as a friend! Riley is too big for my liking! Love Karen

mama j said...

i'd love to hear more about his school-email me, when you're feeling up to it!

good to "see you" again, on the blog....i've missed ya, but totally understand the "ick" feeling.

owwwwieeeee to the boo-boo on b.'s nose.....wowsers!