Sunday, June 10, 2007

WooHoo my new camera!

I am so excited. I got my new (to me) digital SLR camera yesterday.
I was down at Wolff Camera in Venice last week talking to Mike (who has been there for 7 years and is a WEALTH of information.) and was telling him what I wanted. Well, the more we talked the more I realized it is ALL ABOUT THE LENS!!!!
He explained that for what I wanted to spend, I was better off getting a good (canon or nikon) middle of the line (meaning a 6 or 7 megapixel) camera body and then spend a considerable amount of money on a good lens. I agreed.
This is what I got:
-a Canon EOS D60 digital camera body
-a manual 70-210mm lens (he gave this to me so I could take picts until I got a good lens)
-a battery grip (which is something my professional photographer friend told me to look for cause it holds 2 batteries and you will not have to change them till you have shot 2000 picts, and she told me it is great to add weight to your camera when you are shooting without a flash, you keep the camera steady!)
-2 lithium batteries
-a remote control
-a dual battery charger as well as an AC adapter allowing me to plug my camera in so I can use it without batteries!
-AV/USB cords
-an off camera shoe cord (allowing me to connect a seperate flash)
-an off camera flash holder (that attaches to the camera)
-a memory card
-as many filters as I want (he told me that the ones I have to have now are the UV and the spolarized filter, but if I wanted to play around with some others I could)
I got all of this for 500.00 dollars!!!
The accesories alone would have cost me more than that.
I feel so blessed that I got this deal.
Then I found the amazing lens I wanted. It is a Tamron 90mm, f 2.8, macro lens (new this is a 800.00 lens) I got it used for 299.00 on B&H photo. Mike who also sold me the camera told me about this great deal. He said that he has this lens and that of all the lens' he own this is his favorite. I should be getting this on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.
I will post some pictures as soon as I get my lens!!


Charlene said...

Sounds like it's time to take some you don't have some great ones already. I have the rebel, my second Canon and I love it. There are so many gizmos and gadgets to buy but the final pictures are so worth it. I love B&H too.
Can't wait to see what you do,

Candie said...

i know how happy you are!! ok girl...let's see some pics!!!