Friday, June 08, 2007

What kind of camera do you have??

...currently I have an Olympus C-60 digital point and shoot.
I have been pretty pleased with the photos I have been able to get.
Almost all the photos on my LO's the last year and a half have been taken with that camera.
I also have a Nikon 35mm film camera which I love.

I know the type of shots I really want and just can't seem to get them... which is very frustrating.
After talking with a photographer and looking through her camera I realized that it is all about the lens you that is why I am upgrading to a digital SLR. I am getting a good quality digital camera body (a used one) and a really good lens. Everyone I know says spend your money on the lens!
I will let you know what I end up with. (I have a deal in the works with Mike at Wolff Camera)

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Patricia8 said...

I would be interested to hear what your contact has to say about a Canon D20 - I hear good things. I was given an Olympus OM1 SLR when I was 17 (!) by my father and was using it up to 2 years ago - fabulous camera but digital has finally won out. I too have been thinking about a digital SLR. Let us know what you decide and why please.