Monday, October 28, 2013

Fat Burning Tea

Recipe for a delicious, fat burning, blood sugar leveling tea!
I won't go into all the details here. If you want to see some of the benefits of oolong tea, then click on link below where i found the original recipe.

4 Oolong Tea bags
unsweetened almond milk
cayenne pepper
stevia (optional)
vanilla extract
Brew 4 tea bags in 2 cups water in a quart mason jar. Let steep for 4-5 min, remove tea bags. Add ice till you have a full 4 cups tea (with all ice cubes melted). Pour half tea into another cup and save for the afternoon. Starting with mason jar half full of tea (2 cups) you will need to add ice till you have 3 1/2 cups, add above spices to taste, a squirt of liquid stevia, 1 tsp vanilla, fill the rest of way up with almond milk. Secure lid on and SHAKE! Remove lid. Add a fun straw and ENJOY!

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