Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day Two- Main Living Area (this includes my living and dining area)

My new display of photos behind our couch.
My decluttered and organized home entertainment area.
Behind the top 2 doors are the organized media, behind the bottom 2 doors and in the baskets are all of our family games.
My little pink dresser (which is now empty) and I displayed my antique coke box filled with all my scrapbook mini albums.This corner of my dining room is set up for a reading/devotional nook.The basket next to my buffet is my library book/movie area.Goal: To create a relaxed/organized/uncluttered feel so we can relax in here as a family.
a. sort toys and only keep what fits in two baskets in my entertainment center and behind closed doors of the entertainment center (as I was half way through organizing, I realized it would make more sense to have games out here, and move all the toys in the bedroom... especially since Riley and I play games when Brody is taking a nap)
b. sort and organize all media alphabetically
c. clean under couches and rugs
d. electical wiring and cords (wrap with twist ties and label if needed)
e. clean out my buffet and re evaluate the dishes I want to keep and what to give, organize all the dishes and tableclothes
f. look at all surfaces/shelves and declutter, immediately dividing into donate or keep for later (one of my favorite things to do around my house is to switch my accesssories around... it is an inexpensive way of "re decorating" and it is fun too!)

NOTE: as I do this I am reminding myself of our family principle (from our "mission statement") to live simply... allowing us to spend more time on the important stuff... each other)

g. create my zones (library book basket, reading nook with journal/devotional/pen)
h. take all my "keep for later" items and see if anything fits back into my new space

Have Fun
PS all my inspiration came from here.

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