Monday, September 28, 2009

Day One- Clean Sweep

Goal: to clean the surfaces off in every room of my house, keeping me from distractions, allowing me to deep clean and organize the house much easier over the next two weeks.
Supplies: laundry basket (for the gathering) 2 bins and a garbage bag (for sorting)

a. this involves walking around your house and gathering ALL the "clutter" off the surfaces around each surface/room in your home (i used a laundry basket to gather everything).

This picture shows all the "clutter" I gathered off the surfaces in my home (this took about 1 hour)
b. On the floor is the start of my 3 piles... Trash, Donate and Keep for later (which some of the "keep for later" will get donated once I have gone through my entire home and decided what I want to use in other areas and what I really do not want/need anymore.) This took about 2 hours.
Note: Chances are you are going to regret at least one decision as you go through this decluttering process... but the peace of mind you gain greatly outweighs it.
Have fun
PS all my inspiration came from here ... she is amazing!!

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