Sunday, September 27, 2009

Journey to getting your home in order...

For the next ten days, I will be posting pictures, goals and tips on how to clean and organize each room in your home. If you decide to join me on this journey, your home could be your sanctuary in two short weeks.

Spring Cleaning Schedule
Week One:
  • Day One: Clean Sweep (9/28)
  • Day Two: Main Living Area (9/29)
  • Day Three: Kitchen pantry (9/30)
  • Day Four: Kitchen cupboards (10/1)
  • Day Five: Foyer (10/2)
Week Two:
  • Day Six: Bathrooms/Linen closets (10/5)
  • Day Seven: Riley/Brody bedroom (10/6)
  • Day Eight: Charlotte bedroom (10/7)
  • Day Nine: Master bedroom/bathroom (10/8)
  • Day Ten: laundry room/den (10/9)
Set a goal for each room before you begin.
Write down step(s) to achieve your goal.

Use one of these ways to get your home clean and organized
5S Management System
1. Sweep
2. Sort (purge/give/keep)
3. Set in order- a place for everything and everything in its place
4. Shine- in depth as well as daily
5. Sustain- ongoing improvement process

SPACE (by organizer Julie Morgenstern)
S sort like things together
P purge unused or multiple things
A assign a home for your things
C containerize
E equalize everyday

Resources and Blogs to help simplify your life:

Hope you take this journey with me. E-mail me with any questions...the link is in my profile in the sidebar.
Have Fun and SIMPLIFY

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Anonymous said...

have you tried I live and breath by it. If you follow her baby steps you NEVER have to spring clean again. hugs Jo Ann