Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day Three- Kitchen (pantry)

My spice cabinet after I cleaned it out...Below is a picture of my kitchen pantry before I cleaned it out.
My pantry after...My hall pantry which hold the bulk of my dry groceries after I cleaned, purged, organized and labled everything.
Goal for Pantry: to be able to find my food quickly, use if efficiently, and make an inventory.
a. pantry or food/spice cupboard
  • empty everything into one surface (to inventorize all you have) this will help with you weekly menu planning
  • clean
  • re organize and label (labeling is turning out to be a huge help, especially when Sean help with the groceries or he makes dinner...he know exactly what we have!)
Have Fun


Anonymous said...

Impressive kiddo!-Karen

Anonymous said...

great job! it very refreshing isn't it!