Thursday, October 01, 2009

Day Four- Kitchen

The first three pictures are of my kitchen (and little desk/computer area) all cleaned and organized.

My small appliance drawer...before.
My small appliance drawer after purging ALOT!!!
Above the cabinet display of all my favorite "white" antique bowls.
I love old printer's type... and so I use them to display different words on my backsplash.
Goal: To keep only my essentials/display what i love in a beautiful way and to get rid of any "appliance" or item that I already have that does the same function.
a. empty out each cupboard
b. declutter (make 3 piles: purge (anything that is broken), keep and give away)
c. organize only your essentials and place back into cupboards

Have Fun

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Anonymous said...

Nik- Your house is so cute!!!