Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Where is Baby Brody???

Well, yesterday I had my first acupuncture apt. (it was to induce labor). She placed needles in my hands, the inside of my ankles, my lower back and in my upper trapezius muscle. She hooked up the needles in my hands and feet to a machine that stimulates that acupuncture point. The entire treatment lasted about 70 minutes. It was relaxing but it did not produce the results I wanted... I went to see my OBGYN today and he said there was not much change in my cervix from last week. He did say that he had no problem with me seeing an acupuncturist...
He also told me that he was sure something will be happening by next week so he scheduled me for an induction next Thursday November 30th. Which is ironic since that is the date that I originally thought was going to be my due date!
I see Dr. Dumas (the acupuncturist) tomorrow morning for my second visit. I am going with a positive attitude that my body with hopefully respond to. I am very excited about Brody coming and I am really hoping it will be this week sometime. Mainly because my mom has the next 5 days off and would be able to help me out.
I will keep everyone posted about my progress.

PS if you think of me please pray for an easy labor and delivery (and that it happens this week :)) Thanks!


Anonymous said...

You have been in my thoughts so much already--definetly will be praying for you these next couple of days--hoping you'll keep your blog updated--if you're MIA, I'm going to assume you're pushing! LOL! Hang in there babe!!

Jessi <><

kara jones said...

Prayers sent for an easy delivery and quick recovery!

I hope little Brody comes soon! I had this name picked out for a boy name when I was pregnant. Love the name!

Vicky said...

Here's hoping you give birth soon. I had d laugh out loud moment when you mentioned the acupunterist) name DUMAS...have you ever seen the commerical where the guy applying for a job called the boss DUMB ASS when his name was DUMAS??? If not, you wouldn';t fins that very funny :(. Anyway, hope everything goes well and Brody arrives for you soon.

Anonymous said...

Assuming by Karen's blog/post, you haven't had Brody yet....how's it going? What's the latest? I've been thinking about you SOOOOOOO much!!

Jessi <><