Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Elsie Challenge # 10

This weeks challenge was to create a mini album. I created 2. One, I posted on Sunday (it is part of my inspirational cube). It consists of 8 pieces of 4x4 chipboard. The top piece I covered with a page from the Journaling Notebook where I listed impotant events in October. The next 7 pieces of chipboard I covered with a special photograph of the event. I cut up a transparancy into 4x4 pieces and placed one in between each piece of chipboard. I also embellished the photos by adding tags, or brads etc... The whole album is connected with a ring. The nice thing about this is that I can add to it at any time.
The second mini album I created was a "count your blessing" album. It will be posted later this week after I collect the rest of the photos for it. I am planning on it being a fun activity to do on Thanksgiving Day with my mom and Lori (my sister-in-law). I made them a mini album too and all we have to do is insert 6 photos, journal and embellish.

Here is another shot of my mini October album. (I didn't take a shot of each page, just of the album fanned out.)

Dream, Design and Create


Kim Bolyard said...

I wonder if that baby is here yet!!!! Love this mini album and I am just going to have to copy it...LOL Hope you are well


Anonymous said...

Love the mini album and all the LO on the sight! Your creative side continues to amaze me, gives me insight, and allows me to expand my creative side. Thanks for being you, for sharing you talent, and not to mention for being very loving Sister- in- law.
Love ya Lori
Come out Brody your Aunt & Uncle want to meet you!