Sunday, April 02, 2006

Yipee, K2 Design Team

This past week I got a call from Karen (one of the owners of K2 Scrapbooking Studio) and she asked me to be a part of K2's design team. I can not tell you how honored and excited I was to say YES!!! For those of you who do not already know (and must be totally out of the loop :)), K2 is my local scrapbooking store in Sarasota, FL. I absolutely love it. Karen and I have the same taste in product so when she tells me that they just got something new in (which is practically every day) that I can not live without, I believe her, race right in and snatch it up. That is another reason I am so excited to be a part of the design team. How could you not have fun making beautiful things with products you love. The store has tons of beautiful papers with embellishments to match. I love you guys. Thanks Karen, Gail and Amy for this great opportunity to have fun, be inspired by the rest of the design team, and do what I love... Dream, Design and Create!!!!

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