Monday, March 27, 2006

Cousins Frame

I made the cutest frame for Mariann (aka Mother in Law, aka the Mother, aka GrandMary...) on Sunday. It was her birthday on the 27th. She has two grandchildren. My son Riley and her daughter's little girl Kayla. She cherishes both of them very much and I wanted to make her something that she could display both of their photos on. She goes by "GrandMary" and I wanted to add that to the frame. I got this really cute wild asparagus (WA) paper at K2 and wanted to use it for a project and this was perfect.
Instructions: Cut MDF board with a table saw to desired size (this one is 10x10). Cover board with papers of choice. The pink strip of paper is the backside of the WA floral one I used. Add ribbon and stickers. Drill the four holes where you want your hardware to hold the plexiglass on, and 2 more at the top where you will be hanging the frame from. Place pictures behing plexi, secure plexi in place with washer and nut. Hang with a matching ribbon. (I had the plexi glass cut professionally at a hardware store into 4x5 pieces.)

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