Sunday, January 05, 2014

An obvious but easy weight loss trick

One of the most obvious and "easiest" things to do to lose weight is drink 2 to 3 liters each day. One of my favorite ways to get in my quota is to drink 1 liter of Trader Joes sparkling water. It comes in 4 flavors: lemon, lime, mandarins orange and raspberry lime.
The other two liters of water that I try to drink each day contain lemon juice. Why you ask? Water alone helps promote fat burning and by simply adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to it, you can promote fat burning up to 30% more as well as help cleanse/detox your body. 
Also, When you drink water before and during each meal you will eat less because the water will fill you up. I have to be honest drinking this much water is sometimes hard to do, so any little tips can be helpful! I would love to hear any tips on how you get in your daily water intake. 
Live healthy, Live happy

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