Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sherry's Birthday on AMI

Somehow out of all the pictures I took that day/night... I did NOT get even one of Sherry...How the heck did I let that happen is beyond me.
We did get to stay in a fantastic NEW house (never been rented out before) of Tommy' was great especially the pool area. Too bad it was too cold to go in! chilled wine glasses...yummy!

Goofy pictures of me with one eye done and the other without makeup.

Elle's gorgeous eyes after Sherry did them in greens...rather than her normal browns.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sher...even though I dont have a picture of any of us together...what a bummer... But to remember the moment... Robin was down from Rhode Island, Ash came down from Tampa, El and I drove up from Sarasota....all to meet Sherry and celebrate her 38th birthday with her! (Sher even had her two girls with her and Ash brought baby Owen with her too!)

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