Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Step by Step

1. Go to your local tree lot and ask nicely for LOTS of boughs!!
2. Choose a container, fill it will WET floral foam and then soak it completely with water.
3. Choose 2 tall pieces for the center of your arrangement and stick them in back to back, secure them together with a piece of floral wire.
4. Start by placing sprigs into the foam face up all around the bottom (so they are sitting on the container), then start filling in the middle of your arrangement with sprigs (make sure your sprigs gradually get shorter, leaving the center sprigs the tallest) . We usually use 3 different types of evergreen trees to show variety and different colors of green.
5. Finish off by adding fillers like cranberries, pinecones, bows, bells, birds, feathers etc.

Here are 3 of the 4 that I made this year... (two for friends, one for Riley's teacher and one for our home)

Hope you enjoy making your Christmas centerpiece as I did making all of mine!

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Kim Bolyard said...

they look amazing...


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Love the new blog banner by the way! Karen