Saturday, August 22, 2009


I was sad to learn that K2 (my local scrapbook store) will be closing its doors October 1st. K2 is filled with women that love creating things just as much as I do... and the comraderie is second to NONE!! The women I have met, and the frienships that have been created because of the store (and the women that own and work in the store) are amazing. I feel lucky to have had K2 to use as my creative outlet... as well as be inspired by all the amazing talented women that flock to the store (cause as everyone knows... the hospitality and customer service is amazing at K2). I feel like I am on the "Cheers" set when I walk in... always greeted by name and made to feel welcome! Karen, Amy and Gail, it has been a true pleasure to be your design team coordinator and I will miss that greatly. You have always been so generous with me, and it did not go un noticed. Love you guys.


Anonymous said...

Love you too!


Anonymous said...

Yes it is very sad. As you said such great new friends were made.
Karen,Gail, and Amy are the best.
Even after moving and not get in as much as I would have liked. I will sorey miss K2.
If you don't mind the drive to Charolett Cty.If you join H2U for just $12. a year you can crop the first sat. of every month from 9-9 well except Dec. that's the 2nd sat.I crop and teach there. I have some good friend there. Just let me know it you want to get together here at my house and we can create here too. It would be great to get some K2 friends together at JoAnn's creative space.

kathymarieperez said...

its always sad to see your scrapbook store close :-(

Patricia8 said...

Very nicely said ... I feel the same but couldn't have put it so succinctly.