Friday, August 21, 2009

A change around the house...

This summer my mom had all the wood floors in their home redone...which led to re painting the inside of the house...which led to redecorating...which led to me being the recipiant of new pieces of furniture, like the one above.
As any of you who know me, repurposing all my accessories, is one of my favorite things to do. I change things around in our entry/living/dining room at least once every few months... sometimes more.
I love how the arrangement on the top of the antique cabinet turned I get to display some of my green glass and some of my special dishes. This change led to a plethura of changes in our home...more posts to come about the creation of my "home management" notebook as well as spring cleaning, re organizing my home and easy menu planning ideas!

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Anonymous said...

Really neat I love how you create your space. I am always working on mine. I am hoping to get some wall words up and some new framed photo's in my living room.Can't wait for you to share more.