Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time out.

Brody threw a cup at Riley the other day and so I sent him to "time out"...not sure if he knew what it was, but when I told him to go to time out, he walked right over to the time out corner and sat down. Well, he looked so cute I had to take some picts.


mama j said...

Look at that boys thighs! He's so precious! Ohhhh, he so knows what time out is--can't you tell in that smile/smirk? It's "I'm cute, I'm in trouble and Mama can't resist taking a picture of me." Second borns get away w/ murder! LOL!

Anonymous said...

He is sooo adorable. I NEED to hold him - lol. Enjoy him - seems like my pre-teen was just like that yesterday.


Kim Bolyard said...

looks like he likes the time out corner....he also looks adorable.


Anonymous said... Brody got a time out??? What is this world coming to? I love those chubby thighs! Karen

Charlene said...

too cute!!! he is excited at the right of passage into "big boy land"'s even sweeter when they put themelves into time out because they know it was wrong.