Monday, June 23, 2008

Dirt cake, bowling, presents...

Happy Birthday my sweet boy... I love you so much. This has been such a fun birthday. We decided to have a bowling birthday party with some of your friends on Saturday and boy did you guys have fun. None of you had ever bowled before and it was hysterical to see you all try your hearts out.
On Sunday we had Nanna, PopPop, Bubbles, Pat Pat, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Lori over for a family birthday party and that was lots of fun had such a great time. You got so many fun presents and were so thankful for each and every one!
I told you a couple of months ago that on the morning of your birthday I would let you have anything you wanted for breakfast and you told me that you wanted icecream, well ICECREAM it is! What a fun way to start your birthday...and a fun tradition we will always continue.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Riley!!!!!! Cael would tell you that being four is the best yet! I would tell your mommy that you being four years old IS the best yet!!!!!!!
(happy birthday to you too Mommy!)

Anonymous said...

hmmm....dr. Karen thinks ice cream for breakfast is the best way to start a new year as well! Great choice kiddo! love ya and Happy Birthday!