Monday, January 14, 2008

Real Simple

I had this ladder in my bedroom closet for the longest time. It was "hidden" in there cause I had painted it these hideous colors (pink, green, yellow...who knows what I was thinking!!!) many years ago. A couple of months ago I was browsing through some of my magazines and in "Real Simple" I saw an idea where they took an old ladder, painted it and used in a bathroom to hold some essentials by the tub. Well, we do not have a tub in our bathroom, but we did have this empty corner, so I decided the other day I would see if I liked it. So, I spray painted it black (2 coats), then I sprayed it with polyurethane (esp since it was going to be in my bathroom). It was such a simple makeover, and I just love it. I can not believe that I waited this long to do it. As you can see it holds some towels and that really cute box on the top is from my dear friend Ashley (she had given it to me for my birthday). TFL


Cathy Chung said...

what a great idea. you did a great job, it looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

awesome, but I ask you, how long will those towels stay folded? Especially with my boys Riley and Brody in the house? heehee! Karen

Anonymous said...

love it!!!!


Anonymous said...

As usual another creative project. Enjoyed catching up with your daily life. Will I see you on Sun at K2?
Take care,

linda said...

well that is the cutest thing ever!!! i need one for my bathroom! :)