Friday, July 13, 2007

"Bag of Ugly"

A couple of weeks ago Jessi posted a challenge to me and the other local girls to complete a LO using 3 items that she will provide to us. She gave me my "bag of ugly" (as she called it) and I had 3 weeks or so to complete it. So anyway, here is what I came up with. TFL.
My four items are the red fringe, purple flower, purple pom poms and the gold thread (which came from a gold cord which I took apart and used some individual threads).
Thanks for the fun challenge Jessi!
Dream, Design, Create
PS I think Amanda rocked this challenge!!


Anonymous said...

this is awesome....I love the hula girls with the fringe. Great job
love ya

mama j said...

I knew you'd ROCK--red fringe and purple 70's ball type things....I would've NEVER have thought to tear apart the gold cord--you are amazing Nikki!!!! You are what inspired me to start sharing my stash--each item isn't too bad by itself, but the fun part was partnering it w/ something that "didn't fit" until the creator made it fit (AMANDA ROCKED this challenge!!)

Sorry I'm missing your classes today-just got back from a morning of exams for cont. ed and now heading to O'do/Sea World for the afternoon/evening.

domestic goddess said...

love all the elements on this page Nicci!!