Friday, January 19, 2007

packed and ready to SELL

... at the K2 garage sale tomorrow!!! Talk about spring cleaning. Whew, glad that room is cleaned out. Now I am ready to create, create, create. First though I need to SELL, SELL, SELL! If you live in the Sarasota area, you need to come to K2 Scrapbook Studio tomorrow and check out the sale. There will be 6 of us with our tables loaded.

I have TONS of paper (10 for a dollar) and embellishments (2 dollars each or 6 for 10$). It is priced to sell (the embellishments alone run 4-6 dollars each reg price!). I have about 6-8 books for 3 dollars. Lots of other goodies. Believe me, I will give you a deal. I also have lots of FREE stuff too (don't I always!).
Come out and support your local scrappers!!!


mama j said...

I hope to be able to come by after 12 BRIEFLY...I have to work from 10-12 or so--ugh! And be home before 1 pm. b/c dh has a tee time. Have fun!

Jeanine said...

Hi, Nikki. I too, cleaned out my space, but was unable to make it to the sale, as we had a birthday party to attend Sat. I was wondering if you wanted any of the embellishments, fibers, papers, ect. for the ATC club? I think most of it would be perfect for such a purpose, but didn't want to "junk up your space" after you just cleaned out! Wanted to check with you before I post on Freecycle -- lots of good, different stuff - leftovers from my store in TN that I just have to let go of if I'm going to make progress any more. Hope to hear from you . ..