Monday, April 03, 2006

Aloha Hawaii

I know you were probably thinking are these pictures ever going to end... Well I made this album to capture all of my Hawaii memories. Last summer my best friend Sherry called me and suggested that we go on vacation together. She has a little girl, Haley who is 4 months older that my son Riley. We thought it would be fun to meet half way in Hawaii (she lives in Guam), without our husbands. What were we thinking??? I must have had a moment of insanity, because I would never attempt to go on "vacation" without Sean again. Needless to say the trip was memorable. She has been asking me to send her the pictures of my album, so here it is!!! (all 30 some pages)

I was inspired by Ali Edwards traveling scrapbook/journal that was featured in CK in Feb (I think). She had some basic supplies and created a real keepsake, so I ran with that idea. First of all I had 150+ photos that I really wanted to showcase, so I wanted the album really simple. I bought 8 pieces of Scenic Route coordinating papers and 6 pieces of matching cardstock. The tabs on EACH page were made from hotel keys, airline tickets, ribbons, brochures, and some of the patterned papers stapled down. I used my stapler as an alternative adhesive. I used pictures of my trip as the focus, brochures and other memorabilia as my embellishments. I have to admit that I am not quite done journaling. (Sherry I promise I will have it done by the time you come home next.) Hope you enjoy. Thank you for looking.

PS After looking through the pictures of our trip and scrapping the memories (4 months after we got home), I realized we had a lot more fun than we thought we did right after we got home from the trip. :)

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