Saturday, March 25, 2006

Scrapbook Career???

Wow, I have always dreamed of doing what I love (scrapbooking) and making money at it to boot. Last week I was approached to do 2 little girls scrapbooks. It was a connection I made at CHA this past Jan/Feb. The graphic designer (Laurie Dougerty)of the 3, possibly 4 books that I am being published in (wohoo!!!) lives in Sarasota. She works full time for Linda who has 2 little girls. She told Linda about me, showed her some of my work and the woman contacted me. I was so excited to work on some "girly" pages since all I have been doing since Riley was born are "boy" pages. Here are just a few of the pages that I started with. Lindsey is 4 and loves ballet, gardening, her dog... (For some reason the background color on the dog pages are different, but in life they are not.) Thanks for looking. I will keep adding to my blog as I go.

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