Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Charlotte and Cha Cha taking a break from swimming and eating a banana at one of the kiddy pools at the Grand Beach resort on Lake Bryan.
The whole crew in the pool.
On Wednesday we took the kiddos to Downtown Disney. They all had a blast. We went to the biggest Disney Store in the World, practically having to drag the kids through it...I can't imagine how much overload their little brains were on.

Lego Land was definitely a favorite with all the kids. We spent hours digging through all the legos and making new creations, then went inside where you could play lego computer games, or make 3 mini figures for 9.99, or purchase ANY miscellaneous piece that you may have was AMAZING.
The seven dwarfs all made from Legos.
After Lego Land we headed to T-Rex for an early dinner.  I had called ahead and they assured me that they have a strict policy re: peanut allergies. When we arrived they sent a chef from their kitchen who came to the table and told us what was safe to order off the menu for Riley.  Then he also said he would be the one preparing the meal from start to finish so it could not be cross contaminated by a nut(s). It was the FIRST time i ever felt fully relaxed eating out. I guess that is why we NEVER go out to eat with the kiddos.

Climbing the dinosaur leg outside of the T-Rex restaurant.

Sleeping Beauty getting love from Matteo, Brody, Cha Cha and Sophia.
This week has been so much fun so far. Elena and I have kept the kids and stayed around the resort swimming and taking advantage of the activities they have. We did drag take the kids to a flea market yesterday and scored on some great items (sunglasses, a ring, purses) . Of course we did bribe all the kids if they were good, we would get them one souvenir...and for the most part they were all great! Charlotte got a Hello Kitty stuffed animal, Brody got a Spiderman cup/notebook/pencils etc, Sophia and Matteo got little dog stuffed animals, ChaCha got a Sleeping Beauty stuffed doll and Riley decided to save his money and rather wait till I went to Wal-mart so he could get a Lego set (he ended up getting a great set that you can make 8 diff. Star Wars vehicles).
I was also blessed with the chance to run to the Ann Taylor Loft Outlet Store (thanks El). I found a few great button up tops (one for my mom too) at prices that were ridiculously cheap. So FUN!

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