Monday, January 31, 2011

DEARS Oscar Party

The Venice DEARS (which is the bookclub I belong to) was invited by the original Sarasota DEARS group to come and celebrate with them for their yearly Oscar Party. You had to make and wear a hat that represented one of the films that got nominated for best picture. 5 of us got the chance to go and we really had fun. The original DEARS provided us with all the drinks and snack you could imagine... we are looking forward to starting our own tradition next year!!
Joann  "Toy Story" and Kimmy's "Black Swan" themed hats  at the DEARS Oscar Party

Me and my "True Grit" themed hat/costume
The gorgeous view from the Lido Beach Resort restaurant.

Kimmy and I foolin around...

The "saggy boobs" we all tried on and got some hilarious pictures...

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