Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mason Jars.

I just love the graphic design on these 3 jars...there are actually 2 more that had a larger graph design  that I didn't photograph.
This was just some of the jars...I gave 6 to my sister in law Lori and 2 to my mom.
In the mix were  9 blue jars, 3 clear quart size ones, a couple of specialtly jars along with a canning tool (all dating back to 1920-1930). There were at least 20 other misc jars or bottles too.
This little one is my favorite...cause of the glass clear lid... a true antique
  My mom, Brody, Charlotte and I were coming back from the farmers market on Saturday when I saw a sign for a Garage Sale. Of course I had to drive by and see if it was worth getting out of the car... I jumped out at did a quick scan and almost missed the big Rubbermaid container under one of the tables. I saw that it was stacked with mason jars...and being a collector of many little items that I love to display...jars are the first choice! I held one up in my hand (one of the jars in the top picture with the graph like design on it) and asked the lady how much she wanted for her jars. I thought maybe I would pick through and take one or two of them. Suprisingly, she said to me "Well, If you take the entire container, I will sell it to you for 5 bucks". I practically ran back to the car to get the money cause after lifting the first layer of newspaper up, I saw a blue mason jar (unchipped) and I know that they sell for 10-15 dollars each.
 I was so excited to get home and unpack the entire container (3 layers deep) of jars and bottles. I jumped on e-bay to check prices on some of the jars... and just checking on a few of them, I realized I had over 200 dollars in jars...that I had just scored for 5 dollars. WooHoo! Yipeeee!



Glovers Lane said...

Ok I'm not stalking you but I thought this post was ironic, considering I just bought my first blue Ball Jar from Goodwill this afternoon for 99 cents!! I've never seen any there before so I couldn't believe it! =0)

Lori @ P.M. Photographic said...

Just wanted to thank you again for the great jar. i know have my marbles from when I was a child stashed in it. Love ya