Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My shopping buddy Kim and I ready for a fun day at IKEA!!! We were so ready, that we arrived an hour before the store even opened! They did tell Kim though, that after the new year they will be opening at 10 instead of 11!
Kim, with her blanket she took off one of the couches in IKEA...it was so cold in there and we left our jackets in the car, not wanting to lug them around all day...it was really funny!
These are .99 cent frames from there...I just printed out the "be merry and bright" off Becky Higgins blog and then filled the other two frames with some Basic Grey Christmas papers. Too cute... and what a great gift for 2.97!!!
Our carts filled with goodies! I found a fabulous rug to go in my bedroom too...for only 19.99!
I just love these little lanterns...I bought 5 of them to go on the bookshelf in my bedroom.
Kim and I took a trip to IKEA today...we had so much fun. We each had some specific things we wanted...but we were also looking to be inspired. I already have a wish list for next time.....

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sweetjeanette said...

Ya know, I've never been... and there's one less than 15 miles from me! I NEED to go and find those adorable frames!!!!
Thanks for sharing your day!