Wednesday, June 02, 2010

just another afternoon at the Cleary's...

i think the gator may be mad!
Hank (on left) and a friend of his that he was training "how to" catch a gator.
...carrying him to the truck.
He was between 6 1/2 and 7 feet long.
Sean, I know you would never believe me ...unless I got proof! :)
A couple of weeks ago we saw two gators swimming in our lake...they were coming dangerously close to the dock and then they were swimming right next to our property line in the back... not a good scenario when you have 2 dogs (one injured and can't run) and three little kids! We called the trapper to remove him, and had no real "action" till today. I went down to the dock to check on the bait for Hank (the alligator trapper) and saw the pole was bent and the rope was under our dock. (Now, for all you non alligator people that is not uncommon to have the bait stolen by turtles and the rope to just be in the lake... WELL, today when I yanked on the rope (not once but twice!!) it didnt move. "HOLY CRAP" was all I could think... so standing on the dock, I called Hank and said, "I think we might have something. I pulled on the rope and it didn't move" As I was telling him this, I am walking up the incline of our dock towards the house... I looked down and was looking straight at the alligator. I then screamed some profanities and ran like heck back inside. When Hank arrived, I got out my camera and snapped away. After he had the alligator's mouth safely wrapped and another man was holding him by a rope, he calmly asked me if I would like to sit on it and get a picture... I hesitated for all of 2 boys are going to LOVE this. Wait till they see their mommy sitting on the back of a gator. My heart is still pounding, and I am sure this is a story I will be telling for many years to come...


Cathy said...

way to go Nikki! And great job for remembering to capture the momentous occasion to go along with your story! I look forward to seeing the LO's you come up with for this.

BTW, what is Hank's last name? He looks REALLY familiar to me.


Redhead said...

Oh My!!! If anyone ELSE told me this story... I wouldn't believe it. Only you Nikki !!!
Awsome pictures too !! I have one of me STANDING on a gator's back.... but that is the fake one at Jungle Gardens-- not quite the same.

Lorie said...

That is just crazy! I am pretty brave, but I am not sure I would have sat on it to take a picture!

I bet your boys loved it!

Lori said...

Thats my girl! Ride that gator! Anything to get the shot. I don't think even your brother would believe you!!!

Melissa Radies said...

Great story Nikki! I would have screamed looking the gator in the face also. LOL

Pink Rufflez said...

OMG, that is awesome Nikki!