Saturday, May 22, 2010

from "trash" to "treasure"

The start of our recovering... trying to hide that hideous blue.
A close up of the blanket I made to match.
The finished chair. I also made a matching throw blanket and arm rest covers in case one of our dogs wants to cuddle up in it too.
OK, well not quite "trash"...but I found this chair at a local consignment shop for 5$. I took it home and scrubbed it clean. It had good bones, so I knew it would be a canidate for a chair recover. I knew exactly what I wanted, just had NO idea how to make it. My mom had just refinished a chair in her the obvious choice was to take it to her house and have her help me. It took us an entire day (which I actually think was good...I imagined it taking 3 days) to recover the chair and the cushion. I spent another afternoon making the ruffle. If you ask me how we did it...I really wouldn't know how to answer, except we used my mom's sewing expertise. We layed fabric over the area we wanted to cover...pinned it...then did LOTS of praying that it would fit... and it did!! It is the perfect little reading chair.
dream. design. create.

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