Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hobo Camp

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A few months ago (yes, I have just gotten the chance to blog it) Riley had the unique opportunity to attend a birthday party on a steam engine train. Each child was given a red handkerchief to wear around their neck and a conductor's hat so they were easily identified. The kids rode in the caboose of the train to a "hobo camp" about 45 minutes away. Everyone received a hobo kit upon arriving which consisted of a hotdog/bun, marshmallows and a stick. The kids all sat on hay bales which surrounded a fire pit and "cooked" their hot dogs and roasted their marshmallows...it was so much fun. They had a chance to run around and play before climbing aboard the caboose for the ride back to the station. What a great way to celebrate a train lovers birthday... thanks Nathan (and mom) for inviting us!

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SiestaMom said...

Wow. Cool. I just found your blog. I love the pictures and so glad you could come.