Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pottery Barn Bingo Board

A couple of months ago my mom and I were scrolling through the Pottery Barn magazine being inspired on what we wanted to create for our homes...and we ran across this awesome Bingo board. Since we already made the Pottery Barn Typeset board as a 40x40" piece of wall art we decided to go a little smaller for this one. Mom had a really cool board out in her garage that was 13" wide and around 6 feet long... so we decided on making our boards 13x13".
Steps to make your own.
  • cut board to desired size (ours was 13x13)
  • paint your inside square white
  • paint a border your desired color (Mom made her's red, but mine I wanted a shabby teal color since I was hanging it in my studio which has red walls). Our border dimensions are: 2" across the top, 1/2" on the sides and bottom.
  • Stencil the word "BINGO" acoss the top in white (I typed the letters in a photoshop document, sized them to approx 1 1/2", printed them on heavy cardstock and then cut them out to use as a stencil.)
  • draw the four vertical and four horizontal lines using a straight edge and a sharpie marker
  • for the numbers you have two options... you can either print them all out in the desired size then hand cut them out ... OR you can find a font you like and print them all out on the cricut (I hand cut all my numbers... and realizing how long it took and knowing we had 3 more boards to make we got out the cricut and used the schoolbook font and printed the numbers out in a 1 1/2" size)
  • i created the center circle that says "free space" and then cut it out
  • antique (using a rag, odorless paint thinner and brown and/or black oil paint in a tube) and/or distress board (with sanding block) as desired
  • adhere all numbers and free space circle using quick drying Tacky glue.
  • nail a picture hanger on back of board and hang on wall
ps if you have any other questions, just e-mail me and I will be glad to guide you in the right direction...or I can even send you the jpg file of the free space for you to use.