Friday, October 09, 2009

Day Ten- any other areas or room you did not get to...

Today is the last day of spring cleaning our home. I tackled our laundry room and my studio.
Goal (for laundry room): To be able to functionally use our laundry tub and do the laundry with ease.
  • empty room of everything but washer/dryer
  • divide into my 3 piles: keep/give/trash
  • replace cabinets with books/notes that i feel I will reference to in the future (this is where I store all my SLP,PTA and continuing education books)
Goal (for my studio): To have all my art/scrapbooking/sewing supplies organized in a way that I can find what I am looking for in 2 minutes or less. To make a space that inspires me to create.
  • empty bins/cabinets/drawers and sort into 2 piles keep and give
  • re organize in a way that keeps all "like" items together and labeled
  • create a functional work space for scrapbooking and one for sewing and an area where one of the kids can create with me
  • donate all unwanted items to either a new scrapbooker or use them for school projects or other projects where I would otherwise need to buy supplies
Goal (for office): This is Sean's room, and he keeps it clean and I am not going to tackle this room...Sean is! :)

Have Fun and SIMPLIFY


Lori said...

U have been very busy as of late!

Nikki said...

i know, huh! It sure feels good though. xo