Monday, October 05, 2009

Day Six- Bathrooms/Linen Closet(s)

So with half our house behind us, we start our second and final week of cleaning!
Today we will be tackling our bathroom(s) (minus the master bathroom, which we will address the day we clean our master bedroom) and our linen closet(s).
Goal: To keep towels and other essentials in the cabinets... nothing else! To have the bathrooms decorated with only my fav items displayed.
  • empty out each cupboard
  • declutter (make 3 piles: trash/keep and give)
  • go through kids tub toys and get rid of anything broken or moldy
  • keep only a small basket of hotel freebies
  • keep only 2 bathroom towels in good condition for each person in our family. Keep a pool/beach towel for each person in our family...we are in Florida for goodness sake! Take the towels with stains and holes and cut them up for rags, and when i get a full bag, Stop!
  • re inspect all my linens for the beds and keep only 2-3 sets in good condition
  • take all my extra towels, linens and toiletries to a local shelter
  • organize and place only what is needed back into cupboards, find items around the house to use as organizational bins
I keep our plastic ice cream buckets and use them to organize the kids toys, cleaning supplies, socks etc (they work out great cause they have a handle on them!)
Have Fun and Simplify!!!


Anonymous said...

I love it! the fact that I now know that you have buckets of icecream in your house... makes us even better friends!

mama j said...

Hey ladies--if any of you have excess amounts of hotel soaps/shampoos/lotions, etc. PLEASE KEEP THEM and BRING THEM TO ME (or Niki)--my church collects them for a mission organization that ministers to the Seamen who come into Port Manatee and they are ALWAYS in need of these little travel sized bottles! Thanks! ;o)