Sunday, October 25, 2009

Art to

(a picture of my art journal cover) Have you ever wanted to create an art journal, but not know where to start...well, I was thinking about what type of class I wanted to teach the next couple of months at K2...and art journaling kept coming into my mind. So, in doing some research here are some fun and informative articles I found...

This link here is a great start with lots of articles on what art journaling is and how to get started!
How to create an art here.
How to use an art here for great wiki article.
Fantastic art journal photos from flickr are here.
This blog Pinch me to see if you are dreaming is fantastic...her outlet is art journaling and so she has lots of inspiration! On her blog here you will find a list of basics to get you started. The great thing is...I dont necessarily have these exact items...but I DO have things I can use in their place!
Check out this site here for free ebooks on art journaling and such!

Other fun things I found:
In looking for art journaling articles and ideas...i ran across this article on how to fold a paper into a secret note...if this doesn't take you back to high school, I don't know what will! I ran and got a piece of paper and folded it i am going to have to put it into my journal and write a little something, like who I used to write notes to in high school...this is what art journals are all about...what inspires you right then! an art journal.

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