Monday, August 31, 2009

Layout Bootcamp Kit

**edited 9/2/09 The kits are all spoken for***
One of my favorite classes I have ever taught at K2 is my layout bootcamp. For those of you unfamiliar... I draw 20 sketches, compile a kit (filled with LOTS of goodies) and then create 20 layouts... that I teach in a ONE day bootcamp. We have had so much fun in the past during the LONG day of marathon cropping, but when you leave with 20 layouts believe me, no ones complaining. :)
Amanda (who has taken both of my classes in the past), left me a comment asking if I would make up one last layout bootcamp kit, so after thinking about it (for all of one minute) I said yes. (Cause that gets me 20 LO's closer to being caught up!!!)
I will NOT be teaching this layout bootcamp as a class, but the kit will include sketches and/or pictures of the 20 layouts for you to follow.
There are 5 kits available for sale... I know they will go really fast, so if you want one call K2 and reserve your kit today (941) 926-1744.


Moments In Time said...

You are what makes boot camp so fun. Can we just come to your house? Patty

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a great class!!