Thursday, June 25, 2009

Disney World...can you say HOT!!!

I think steam was coming off the concrete the day we went to Disney a couple weeks back...but our last day of a 3 day ticket was about to expire. So we loaded up our Odyssey and drove to Orlando for the day. We decided to go to Magic Kingdom, since that made the most sense for the boys...and we decided before we left that we would let the boys tell us what they wanted to do and we would do it and when they had had it, we would go home. With that attititude we had so much fun... we rode "Its a Small World", the carousel (two times), the shooting gallery, the "Country Bear Jamboree", Jungle Cruise, the train...we had a BLAST. I just loved watching the boys take it all in. Even Charlotte was a trooper...she ate, slept and just looked around. We really had a great time that day despite the heat! What a great memory.


mama j said...

We hit Sea World, on our way back from VA on June 11th and had the same approach/attitude! It was so much better that way. Just me and the boys--it did stink though, that Mac's feet decided they didn't work anymore, when we were the furthest from the van--as we were leaving--and the most sweaty/tired we could be! LOL! (Oh-and the AC decided to NOT work, when we got to the car--had that van in the shop first thing the next a.m.-but OHHHH....we were so sweaty driving home on I4 and I75!).

Lori said...

love the pic of you and riley next to one another!