Saturday, July 19, 2008

Safe and Sound

We arrived back in Sarasota around 10pm Wednesday night safe and sound. The 24 hour drive home was uneventful till we met with some rain the last three hours of our trip. The kids were wonderful...I can't believe how good they were! This was the true definition of a "vacation". I checked my e-mail only once in 2 weeks, my phone only rang 2 times and we got to relax, spend time with our family, go antiquing, and so many more fun things!


kim bolyard said...

great pics...glad to have you back home


Maggie said...

hi Nikki I nominated you for an award!

k2scrapbookstudio said...

So happy you are home...we are playing phone tag...taking kids to Adventure Island today, but will be in the car this morning...I"ll try to call you then! Miss you! Karen

dawn said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. I have family in Wisconsin too, but I have not been there in many years. Glad you had a safe and 'uneventful' long ride home. Looking forward to seeing the projects that you create with all the pics that you took. :-)

Anonymous said...

hey your message...can't believe the class went that ! Thank you for everything! miss you and will see you in a few days! Karen

Anonymous said...

Nik- check the store ya, Karen