Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Inspiration delivered...

I decided I needed some new inspiration... I had been scrapping old photos and have lost my creative mojo looking at them. I uploaded all my photos from January to May to Winkflash (they are having a 6 cent sale for 4x6's) and got 489 photos developed. I have only flipped through a few and already new ideas are flowing....yeah!! Off to sort and place the photos in albums so they at my fingertips when I want them! Hope everyone is having a great creative summer so far.


Cathy Chung said...

I know the feeling about looking at old photos.

That is a lot of photos to have developed.

Miss you,

Anonymous said...

wow...and all 4x6's...awesome...I can't wait to see what you do with them...haven't you noticed the trend is swinging back to a more traditional picture size on scrapbook pages? A lot of sketches I have seen are featuring 4x6 photos nowadays! FUN FUN FUN!-Karen