Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A scary catch

Sean was fishing off our dock when he caught this alligator. It was over three feet long. He tried to get it into a cooler and take it to Oscar Sherrer State Park, but it snapped the line when he was pulling it up onto the dock. Yikes! Hopefully we will never see it again.


Charlene said...

We had the same size Gator...Rick was able to hook the little guy and then tapped it's mouth shut until he and the boys could release it in a bigger lake nearby. We later learned that an adult female will respond to the cries of a baby gator up to five years old...so be on the lookout if you snag him again. The boys can't stop talking about "the gator"... he goes well with the four foot rat snake Rick caught last week...think will start our own reptile zoo at this rate

Anonymous said...

wow...that is scary! Glad we don't live near the water...we only have to worry about Bruce, the black snake that lives in our front yard in the trees! Karen