Wednesday, May 14, 2008


(this is Archie's TPLO incision on his back left knee)
(Archie's whole leg had to be shaved) (Archie curled up on our chair, letting his body rest and heal)

Two weeks ago Archie and Wiley were playing outside when I heard some "screaming" (It honestly sounded like a child screaming). I ran out there and Archie was standing there crying out in pain and pulling his back leg up. I carried him into the house and layed him down in hopes that he had just pulled a muscle... The next day he was still not putting any weight on it, so I called the vet and took him in for x-rays. They determined it was a possible ACL tear in his knee. The vet referred me to an ortho/surgical vet here in town. We had to wait almost a week to see him, when he agreed that Archie had torn his ACL and possibly his meniscus as well! We scheduled his surgery for this past Monday. I was able to pick him up yesterday and bring him home. He has a good prognosis but his healing time is 8 weeks of no running, jumping etc... (that will be a huge challenge). Dr Kirsch and his team over at Coastal Veterinary Surgery did an amazing job. I would highly recommend him for any of your ortho veterinary needs!


Anonymous said...

Poor baby....he looks miserable! At least he doesn't have to wear one of those collars! Do you want to have a design team meeting next Tuesday? Candi is ok with it, I can ask Kim and Jocie if the date works for you...Karen

mamalife said...

Poor puppy! I hope he feels better soon!

Cathy Chung said...

poor archie. I can only imagine how he is feeling. I guess extra love and treats are in store for him!

Paula Parrish said...

I think that he will recover very quickly. He is a health doggie and as a good Mommy! I missed our weekly walk around the neighborhood; let me know if you want to go again soon.
Smiles, Paula