Monday, April 21, 2008

Trash to treasure

we just started painting the top when i realized i hadn't taken a "before" picture of it. someone had tried to paint and distress it, but did a horrible job at it...I am sure that is why they wanted to sell it!
...with a new coat of paint on it.
...the decorative sides after we started distressing it. my entry, with the mirror I found.
On the way to my mom's house last Sunday I saw a sign for a garage sale. I slowed down and from the road I could see this cute piece of furniture...I went and checked it out. I could visualize it refinished by my front door. (I have been trying to replace the piece that currently sits there) I drove to my mom's, dropped the boys off and took my mom back with me to look at it again. I offered her $15.00 for it (she was asking 20.00) because the face on the top drawer was a little off, and she agreed. We took it back to my mom's where we refinished it by painting, distressing and sealing it. Normally, we would not find a piece of furniture and refinish it the same day, but my mom and dad had just refinished a piece for their home the day before, so we had all the supplies. Later that afternoon after running an errand I saw another garage sale sign so I pulled over and asked if they had a mirror (knowing I would need one for above my piece) and the woman said yes!! She showed me with her hands the approx size and that she wanted 10.00 for it. I told her I was interested in seeing it. She took me in and after I stood there a minute looking at it (wondering if the size would work) she said, "I will take 8.00 for it! I said, "sold"! It fits perfectly by my front entry and I just love it! What an amazing 23.00 makeover, huh?!!


kathy marie said...

this is beautiful, your house must be so nicely decorated :-)

Paula Parrish said...

I love what you did to the piece. What a great vision you have for creating amazing things. Who would think only a 23.00 investment.

mama j said...

love it! So "shabby chic...." gorgeous.

Cathy Chung said...

you did a great job Nikki. The peice looks great. I bet that it looks great in your entry area.

Anonymous said...

Love the new banner for your blog by the way!!! Karen

Scrappytbear said...

Very cool find you made! LOVE it!