Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love ACDSee

...I can't promote them enough to organize your digital scrapbooking supplies www.acdsee.com (I use Photo Manager 10). Before I lost my hard drive on my laptop, I had backed up my stuff on my EHD, thank God. I did it according to the step by step instructions you can find at www.digiscrapinfo.com (the women who helped create the software also have a website, tutorials and forum just on how to use the software). The support is worth it alone.
Well, after reinstalling ACD on my computer after the crash, and moving all my digi supplies from my EHD back to my computer, I had lost all my tagging and categories (that is what took my approx 40-50 hrs to organize). You can imagine I was sick to my stomach. But, with the help of Heidi (one of the creators) in the forum she walked me step by step through the process and BINGO everything was back just like it was before the crash!
ps i found out that scrappers are starting to use their photo editing software to create digi pages, and they are creating all sorts of tutorials and help with that too!


Paula Parrish said...

Hey Nikki,
I have ACDSee 10, I have not played around with it much. What are the advantages to the program. I see that the viewing is great for digi scrapbooking? What are the additional things that make it so "great"?
Smiles, Paula

Jean Marie said...

love this ..very personal and pretty!
Sorry to do this to you but you have been tagged by me!stop by my blog for the details..TY :)