Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dinosaur World here we come...

A couple of weekends ago we wanted to take the boys to do something fun. We didn't want to drive very far... and just like everyone who has ever driven I-4 in Plant City we had seen the dinosaurs peeking out at us from the trees! we decided to give it a try. It was totally worth it! We all had so much fun. We let Riley lead us around the park (twice). The park has over 150 dinosaurs (that someone did a really nice job recreating), you get to "dig" for fossils, they also have a huge sandpit where kids can dig and look for a dinosaur skeleton...very cool. We totally recommend it to anyone whos kids like dinosaurs. We are definately going back!


Anonymous said...

I took Weston there a couple of years ago and he loved it...let me know when you are going back and Weston and I will join you.

mama j said...

Cathy and I have been talking about me info, if you have the hours/prices, etc. Glad to hear this "report," the boys LOVED Dino Land at Animal Kingdom last month....gotta do this while it's still cool!