Monday, March 03, 2008


I am glad to say that I am done. I completed 2 marathons in 3 weeks!!
Well, I can tell you one thing, running a marathon is such a mental game.
A couple of weeks ago when I ran the Gasparilla Marathon I pretty much had a runners high the entire race, I felt good, never hit "the wall", and never really had to talk myself through anything...and actually felt, "Wow this isn't so bad".
This Sarasota Marathon was entirely different. The first 13 miles were great. I had shaved 7 minutes off my goal time (which was 4:45:00, 1 minute faster than last race) and if I could have kept up that pace it would have been great, BUT at mile 16 or so I hit "the wall" and boy did that suck. I had to seriously convince myself to keep going. Right at that moment this guy behind me asked me if he could run with me for a while (he was dying and needed someone to pace him) and I said sure...which I think helped me keep going. He stayed with me for about 5 miles then he fell behind and I didn't see him again. I saw my Mom, Sean, Riley and Brody at mile 22 1/2 and that helped too. (They made a sign that said "Go Mommy" and they screamed and cheered for me as I went by, and Riley had his disposable camera just clicking away...but by that time I was so done, I just looked over and said please pray for me that I can finish this race! Needless to say...I ended up finishing at almost the exact time as last race 4:47:11 (about 30 seconds slower than my last race)
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers yesterday...I really needed every one!!
run on.


Moments In Time said...

Congratulations on the race. I can not ever image doing what you have done. See you soon. Patty

mama j said...

You are AMAZING! Now--whoever said that every marathon would be easy, even if you made it to the end? Just a reminder-that race y'day made you so much stronger than the Gaspirella one-don't forget that! And I truly believe God allowed you to be blessed in that first race, in order to give you the courage and strength you needed to accomplish y'day's race--if 3 wks. ago had been harder-than y'day would've been scary, even before it began! You made it! (YAY!!) You didn't fail in any sort of way--even w/ hitting the wall-you still came out w/ the (almost) same time-that is amazing...that is perseverance! You've experienced something that not many can say they have--you've conquared a HUGE mountain and that is something you'll forever be able to look back and reflect on, for the rest of your life....what an analogy you have, to share-with anyone who comes into your life that may be going through a difficult time....God uses the "Everyday things" to teach us so much. This is your "everyday thing."

Hats off to you Nik! YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

You should be proud...some and when I say I mostly mean me...could never do this. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

forgot to that the the race is over...

you have to come a crop with me on Friday night at K2. I am actually running the crop...but will be cropping and would love to hang out.

Anonymous said...

You are truly inspirational and I love knowing one of my close friends is a marathon runner! I am so proud of you!!! Karen

Anonymous said...

Awesome girl! You were dying, but still were able to closly match your time! That is a huge accomplishment! I was thinking about you all day (couldn't come by as planned, as my friend from Iowa was here. Sorry!)

Anonymous said...

check my blog...I tagged you.

Jenn said...

Nikki, you rock. I can't run across the street without getting winded. What an accomplishment!!